soul food


Soul Food is a Couch Co-Op cooking game where players work together to defeat Death and escape the Underworld! I did all the audio including the music, sound design, VO, and implementation from Wwise into UE4.


Suck IT Up


Suck It Up is a 3D multiplayer "Roomboi" brawler made under 52 hours during Train Jam 2018 with four independent game developers.

Design - Emilio Jose Pujadas, Tech - Andrew Dillion, Art - Chris Spindel, Audio - Michael Wayne Garner


The Hundred Year Locust


The 100 Year Locust is an action-adventure where the player delves into a cathedral-like factory filled with terrors. The player wields a glaive and fights robotic enemies. I did all the music, sound design, and VO treatment for the game! I am most proud of the weapon SFX and interactive sound design in Wwise!




DragonFishing is an Action Adventure Open-World RPG where you fish for dragons. I did the music, sound design, and VO treatment for the game. I am most proud of the custom dragon roars and instrument recording used for all the music!


Dye or Die


Conquer the grid in the slickest real-time tile-based 2D territory-control fest this side of everywhere. Wear out your fingers trying to outmaneuver your opponents and punish them for sneaking too far away from their capitals. Master the art of the pick-up and fight your way to victory. There is only one choice. Dye... or Die!